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Terpenes are volatile molecules which impart flavor, fragrance and potential therapeutic qualities. These naturally occurring aromas comprise the essence (or essential oil) of citrus fruits, exotic flowers, pine needles, tree resins, and especially our favorite plant. When properly used, terpenes can enhance the taste and fragrance of beverages, edible products, extracts and vape cartridges, diffusers, candles, and body care products.


Terpene Warehouse prides itself on the quality and consistency of our 100% organic botanical terpenes. In order to ensure excellence, our products are derived from botanical sources that carry the same chemical compounds found in our beloved plant.

View our effects Collection for details: Flavor and Effect Terpenes

Terpenes are part of the constituents which make up an essential oil, giving them their unique flavors, aromas, and benefits/effects.


Yes. All of our terpenes are above and beyond just food grade. "Food grade" does not necessarily mean natural, food grade is a label that also applies to synthetics as well, which we never under any circumstances use. All of our strain specific blends are not only food grade, but also 100% natural and strictly plant derived, meaning they only come from living plants and never a test tube.

Anything is dangerous in a large enough quantity, but terpenes are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) and common in numerous food products. However, don’t kill the flavor of your mixture by adding too much of something. Depending on what particular characteristics are desired, some terpenes will be used in smaller amounts than others. For best results, start mixture with small percentages and incremental increases based on preference. Like all chemicals, these terpenes should be handled in a professional atmosphere.

Yes. The vials and bottles that we use are made from hi quality aluminum or glass that is resistant to chemical erosion and degradation. 



Terpene Warehouse terpenes are natural, plant-derived, solvent free, and never cut with any kind of the fillers like MCT, PG, VG, vitamin E acetate, or ethanol. We are deeply committed to plants and work to support sustainability initiatives by cultivating relationships with trusted sources. These relationships, along with our passion for providing pure flavor ingredients and blends, means our products will always be of unparalleled quality and price.

Despite the higher cost to us, aluminum aromatic bottles are ideal for packaging essential oils, flavors, and cosmetic products. Essential oils, aroma chemicals, and flavors have been packaged in aluminum bottles for decades. Aluminum aromatic bottles provide superior protection from spoilage. Aluminum essential oil bottles also have the added advantage of being lightweight, leak-proof, vapor-proof and tamper-proof, ensuring the quality of the essential oils and flavors and preventing contamination.


Because our terpenes are produced on demand to make them as fresh as possible, it can take 4-5 business days over even longer to prepare your order for shipment. You will be notified as soon as your order ships.

Yes. For an additional charge we offer express shipping. All of your orders, when placed before 12pm will shipped the same day. 

Yes. We are set up to ship around the globe, but an international shipping fee will be added to your order.

Please contact our support team for details: 323-289-2677.

Are there extra shipping fees for hazardous material? No.

Cost per shipment depends on size, hazmat code, and other factors but its not cheap. Some of our products are defined by IATA (International Air Transport Association)/ DOT (Department of Transportation) as ‘Hazardous Materials’ due to their flammability (based on flashpoint), Environmental Hazard (Marine Pollutants), or Toxicity (Poisons) which drives the shipping costs up.