How to Buy Terpenes Wholesale Online

Without terpenes, cannabis and hemp products can’t reach their full potential. Most cannabinoid products, however, don’t contain enough terpenes on their own.

That’s why so many hemp and cannabis producers choose to add reintroduced, plant-derived terpenes to their product formulations. Find out which bulk terpenes are best, and learn how to buy wholesale terpenes online.

Can you buy terpenes online?

You can buy terpenes online right here at Terpene Warehouse. We offer the highest-quality botanical terpenes on the market for the lowest bulk prices.

Whatever quantity of pure, plant-derived terpenes you might need, we can fulfil your order and ship anywhere in the country. Buying terpenes online is the best way to get your hands on the terpenes you need to take your products to the next level.

Is it illegal to buy terpenes online?

Are terpenes legal? Absolutely. Terpenes are organic hydrocarbons that do not have any intoxicating properties. They’re available in a wide variety of plants aside from cannabis, and the overall legality of terpenes is well-established.

Due to the intricacies of US cannabis law, not all terpenes are equally legal. Even if it's chemically identical to a terpene found in a non-cannabis plant, a terpene derived from cannabis might be viewed as marijuana.

That’s because the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) views any derivative of marijuana to be a marijuana product. So, a limonene terpene derived from a cannabis strain that contains more than 0.3% THC might be illegal while an identical limonene terpene derived from an orange peel remains fully legal.


Unlike CBD, however, terpenes are not specific to the cannabis plant. As a result, it’s likely that future legislation will fully legalize all terpenes as long as they don’t contain any THC.

What are cannabis terpenes?

Cannabis terpenes are terpenes that are derived from the Cannabis sativa plant. Some purists speculate that cannabis terpenes offer added effects, but the legality of cannabis-derived terpenes is unclear.

Can you buy plant-derived terpenes wholesale?

Terpene Warehouse is the nation’s most trusted supplier of botanical terpenes. Some of our terpenes replicate the full terpene profiles of iconic cannabis strains, and others are designed to evoke delicious non-cannabis flavors.

Buying bulk plant-derived terpenes is the best way to capture everything that these unique compounds have to offer. Using botanical terpenes in your cannabinoid can replicate the flavors and aromas of specific cannabis strains or infuse your products with other aroma and taste profiles.

What are distillate terpenes?

“Distillate terpenes” is another term for cannabis-derived terpenes that capture the full terpene profiles of specific strains. A process called distillation is used to produce distillate terpenes, and this process isolates the terpenes present in cannabis without adding any cannabinoids into the mix.

Can you buy distillate terpenes wholesale?

At Terpene Warehouse, we use proprietary analytical information to recreate the full terpene profiles of specific Cannabis sativa using botanical terpenes. The resulting plant-derived terpenes are fully legal and available in a wide variety of bulk quantities.

Whether you want to make products that replicate the flavor and aroma of Blueberry Kush, Jack Herer, White Fire OG, or dozens of other famous strains, we offer the terpenes that will get the job done. Your finished products will smell and taste just like the cannabis strain from which we modeled our botanical terpene blend. They’ll also offer that strain’s unique sativa, Indica, or hybrid benefits.

What are natural terpenes?

Natural terpenes are terpenes that are derived from plants. Both cannabis-derived terpenes and terpenes derived from other plants are examples of natural terpenes.

Artificial terpenes, on the other hand, are terpenes that have been synthesized in a lab. Commonly used in the flavoring industry, artificial terpenes could be harmful. More research needs to be done to determine the safety of synthetic terpenes.

Natural terpenes, on the other hand, are widely considered to be safe. Product manufacturers who want to offer the safest, most authentic terpene experiences are strongly encouraged to choose natural terpenes.

Can you buy natural terpenes wholesale online?

Yes. All of the terpenes we offer at Terpene Warehouse are natural, lab-tested terpenes derived from botanical sources. Following the lead of scientists and experts, we do not believe that artificial terpenes are safe, and we would never include artificial terpenes in our products.

What are CBD terpenes?

In the industry, terpenes found in CBD products are often called “CBD terpenes.” You can technically boost your CBD products with any type of terpene, but botanical terpenes are the safest and offer the best quality.

Can you buy CBD terpenes wholesale online?

Terpene Warehouse offers dozens of terpene solutions that are ideal for CBD products. Whether you want to boost your CBD products with indica or sativa terpenes or you feel like producing CBD vape cartridges that perfectly replicate fan-favorite strains, we have bulk terpene solutions that will seamlessly meet your needs.

terpene warehouse variety pack package and product

What are the best bulk terpenes you can buy online?

As you select the best bulk terpenes for sale, there are a few hallmarks of high-quality products you should watch out for:

1. Plant-derived

Bulk terpenes for hemp and cannabis products should be plant-derived. While cannabis-derived terpenes might be just as safe depending on how they’re extracted, the legality of terpenes derived from cannabis has yet to be established.

2. Strain-specific

High-quality bulk terpene providers should offer strain-specific botanical terpene blends. It’s fine if a manufacturer also offers non-strain flavors or isolated terpenes, but a total lack of strain-specific wholesale terpenes can be a sign that a bulk terpene seller is using low-quality terpenes blends.

3. Lab-tested

Just like CBD and THC products, bulk terpenes should be lab-tested. These lab tests should provide information on the stability and purity of the isolated terpene or terpene blend.

4. Bulk discounts

Wholesale terpenes should get less expensive the more that you buy. If a terpene manufacturer doesn’t offer progressive discounts for higher volumes, you aren’t getting a good deal.

5. Discounted bundles

Discounted bundle packages are an extra bonus you should look out for as you choose the best bulk terpene supplier. These bundle packages often contain everything you need to produce an entire range of products for a significantly discounted price.

How do you order terpenes online?

At Terpene Warehouse, we make it easy to buy terpenes. Simply choose a terpene product you like, select a quantity (if applicable), and add the item to your cart.

We offer a simple, one-page checkout experience, and we accept both Apple Pay and PayPal. If you have any special instructions for your order, you can leave a note, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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