Our Aromatic Botanical Mission In the Industry

terpene warehouse palm desert californiaAt Terpene Warehouse our mission is to incorporate the standards and practices of the existing aromatherapy industry with the burgeoning botanical terpene space, by sourcing the highest purity, food-grade, ingredients from the top and most trusted suppliers.

We combine these high-grade aroma molecules with blending principles adopted from the ancient practice of perfumery, and a modern understanding of the biochemical properties associated with these aromatic molecules. In this way, Terpene Warehouse offers terpene profiles engineered with desired taste and smell, as well as desired synergistic effects when used properly with intended phytocannabinoids (AKA: a fusion of art and science). By striving for customer satisfaction in each profile, Terpene Warehouse offers unparalleled enjoyability and quality in all of our products.


Why Terpene Warehouse?

Terpene Warehouse maintains unique relationships with our suppliers giving us an advantage as the industry continues to grow. As the terpene industry gets more and more saturated, the naturally available resources will dwindle down leaving a finite amount remaining. In preparation for this, we have built strong relationships with international suppliers, so we can keep our products consistently priced and available to ship to your business. Through practiced forecasting, we aim to be industry leaders in providing consistency, quality, and accessibility for wholesalers and individual customers around the globe!


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